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For agents who don't settle for generic.

Find your place in the digital world.

We strategize, create, and post unique content just for you.

  • 3 FB/IG posts weekly
  • 1 LinkedIn post weekly
  • Up to 5 IG Stories weekly
  • Plus other stuff you’d like us to post
  • Help setting up Bios
  • Constant coaching and advising
  • Add any other social network for a fee

*3-month commitment

$295 / month


while we build and maintain your community.

Data shows that you need to build your social media so people trust you. Perfect.

But who should be in charge? You? Really? And spend half a day stressing about what to post and the other half about when and how to post it?

Should you subscribe to a service that sends you generic content that thousands will post too?

That defeats the purpose, and will ultimately put you in the “another faceless agent” category.

We are content creators who love real estate. Seriously 😉

You’re a few clicks from social media freedom.

Oh, and we can also do your emails, flyers, signs, videos…

All in one place.


social media should have a mix of videos, designs, and photography


No you won’t! And if you do, who is realestating for you? It requires a combinations of skills, time, and knowledge to really conquer the online world. That’s why we’re here.

This is your personal brand we’re talking about! Please don’t leave it in the hands of a rookie. This is not only throwing money away, but it can also work against you. It’s easy to modify a template, but to tell your story, keep it consistent, and to engage the right audience, is something else. 

Sure, if you are not in the “standing out” business. Which you are! The last thing you want is to be seen as “another realtor with generic content”. Plus, a big part of social is understanding the algorithms and trends, so that you reach a broader audience every time. All the investment and posting work goes unseen if you post at the wrong times. Make sure who is posting knows how often and when your audience is online. Distribution is 60% of content creation. If you’re goig to do something, do it right 😉 

Social media is a gold mine for lead generation. In 2024, it should be the core of your marketing efforts. Every other outreach should drive prospects into your “virtual world”. But just like anything worth doing, it requires time, focus and consistency. Half solutions are not great solutions. We know you’re busy, that’s why we take care of most of it. 

Social is about capturing YOU. People want to connect with you, not “an agent”. They want to trust you, like you, and know that your lifestyle outside of realestating is something they admire and respect. 


social media is the easiest and most powerful way to prospect.

Why ask for emails, knock on doors, cold call, or spend in flyers that many times won’t get delivered?

Instead, have a coffee in bed while reaching out to people in the most intimate way. Just by leaving questions in the comments of your friends’ (and their friends) posts, you’ll get people to notice you. And so you establish conversations that lead to connections, staying top-of-mind, and ultimately long term relationships that result in more constant closings.

Of course, before you invite people to your space, make sure quality professionals have made it beautiful and effective.

Mverse - Plans and Prices by Marketingverse


Googling for hours to research topics.

Writing captions or depending on unreliable freelancers.

Explaining to copywriters what real estate is.

Changing generic templates.

Going through countless photos to choose the right one.

Keeping up with Instagram’s algorithms  updates and market trends. 



Please do! However, as advisors we will let you know if we feel your post are… well… not as AMAZING as they should be.

Of course. If you have a topic, event, special date, promotions or anything coming up worth sharing, please let us know and send us the relevant info so we can create the post. 

We’ll get to know you and your brand from the start and as our relationship grows, it’ll be easier and easier to capture your essence as we post. Plus we’ll stay in touch, so no worries. Lastly, our love for real estate has made us knowledgeable in the field and we’re always up to date with the trends. We’ll always be in touch, 

You better! Otherwise, something is wrong, and we will fix it! We will say that the more photos and videos of YOU, the faster your channels will grow.

All kinds! We’ll keep your community engaged with what the trends and analytics tells us they are looking for. It’ll be a melting pot of lifestyle, interactive, industry news,  announcements, inspirational, cool tips, and so on…

After the first 3 months, sure you can! We won’t promise not to cry… but you certainly can. 

Every month! We will send you some of the main stats so we can both analyze the results together. 

The process varies because it depends on your approval speed. It shouldn’t take more than 5 days.

Once you sign up, we have a brief kick-off meeting. You then fill out a short Creative Brief form. From that we crete a Mood Board so you approve the Look&Feel of your general branding. Once you approve, we’ll send you the very first Content Calendar. As soon as you give the go ahead, we can post the next day!

Yes we will! Through Slack App, we’ll be chatting constantly if need be. Think of us as your advisors, your partners. Any questions we can answer, we will. 

Everything you need

Is there anything else?
  • Business Cards

  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Social Media Posts
  • Emails
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • LinkedIn Organic Reach
  • FB Marketplace
  • Animated Listing Promos
  • Copywriting
  • Coaching

Emotional Conent

Others post generic stuff while you build a valuable authentic brand.